February 17, 2018 LAN Sign-Up Is Open!

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  The First LAN Party of 2018 - Signup Is Open

Tomorrow is the last LAN Party of the 2017 year. Dirty Santa should be a blast, and now it's time to sign-up for the first LAN of the New Year.

The January 20, 2018 OKGG LAN Party

Sign-up now.

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  Dirty LANta - December 16, 2017 Sign-Up is OPEN!

You know you don't want to miss this LAN! On December 16, 2017 the OKGG hosts a Dirty Santa LAN.

Anyone who brings a WRAPPED (even a taped shut paper bag counts) GIFT gets a raffle ticket to draw for their prize, or steal it away from someone.

This year, let's make it fun and bring some good and creative gifts. You can bring anything new, or clean, usable, re-gifts. (Gift Cards, computer stuff, funny gifts, gaming goodies, etc. are all great!) Keep it under $20 unless you really feel generous!

The way it works:
Raffle tickets are drawn, the first person draws a gift and opens it. The second person can either steal the first person's gift or draw an unopened one, this goes on until gifts have either been stolen twice, in which case they are locked to the third owner, or until we run out of prizes. Everyone who brings a gift will go home with a gift. It may not be what you wanted, it may be pretty scary, it may be embarrassing, or it might just be AWESOME!

So sign-up NOW for next month's LAN and get shopping for your Dirty Santa Gift today!!!

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  November 18, 2017 OKGG Lan Party Signup is open.

As of 1am, Oct. 21, There is still space for the October LAN some come on out.

Sign-up is now open for the November 18, 2017 LAN Party, so get your sign-up in motion.

Then you can go eat Turkey the next week!

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  Last Call for October 21, 2017 LAN

We only have 7 signed up this month, and there are some great games being played right now including Quake Champions and Project Cars 2. The venue costs $100 and without 10 gamers coming that means a shortfall.

What I am saying, is, it's 3 days before the LAN and we need more players. If you have not signed up we need you to do so ASAP! Thanks in advance, oh, and bring a friend!

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