Welcome to the Oklahoma Gamers Group

The LAN Party "By the Gamer, For the Gamer"

Formed on March 16, 2003 out of the ashes of the Oklahoma City LAN Party (OLP), our purpose is to provide a place for computer gamers to meet monthly, compete, and discuss topics of interest.

Have you ever wanted to compete with your peers in person, in a place where you can taunt them face to face in virtual combat? Are you dissatisfied with just competing in online games? Then we would like to invite you and your friends to join us, both in our online forums and at our LAN Party Events. Please take some time and read through our site, register and participate in our forums, and sign up for an upcoming event.

See the Details link for full information about our monthly BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN Party including dates and for a map to the event.

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