March 18, 2017 LAN Registration is Open

Tomorrow morning is the February LAN and there are still a few seats open.

The following LAN is on March 18, 2017 from 10 am to Midnight.

Sign-Up is now open for the March LAN, so click the link, fill out the form, struggle through the Captcha and click submit!

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  OKGG LAN Sign-Up is Open for February 18, 2017

Get your sign-up on for the February LAN. It's open. Let me know if we need to add any games to the list.

As a side note: January LAN is tomorrow 1/21/17, so if you want to come out there are still seats. Bring it!

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  The First LAN of 2017 - Registration is OPEN!

January 21, 2017 is the first OKGG LAN of the new year.

Sign-up is now OPEN!

It'll probably be cold, it'll definitely be a good time to go to the OKGG LAN, so sign-up and come on out! See you there.

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It's the last week to sign up for the Dirty Santa LAN Party. It's this Saturday, December 17. If you plan to participate in the Dirty Santa fun, bring any gift, it can be a re-gift as long as it is clean! No pets please Wink It has to be at least concealed in a brown paper bag and taped shut, if you are wrapping skills challenged.

Anyway, there are plenty of seats still open, let's fix that and have another BIG LAN! Sign-up, we'll see you there!

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  December's Dirty Santa LAN Sign-Up is OPEN!

It's already almost that time. Dust of you re-gifts or pick up a gift to give and sign-up the the ever awesome Dirty Santa LAN on December 17, 2016.

If you don't already know the rules, it's simple. Bring a gift, get a ticket to draw for a gift, or steal one from someone else, who then gets to draw again or steal one from someone, and so on, until all the gifts are gone. Once a gift is taken by the third person it's automatically locked out and can't be stolen.

You can bring any gift and it does not have to be new, as long as it is clean, so you can re-gift that gift you got last year and never opened or used, or some awesome computer hardware, a gift card, or something hilarious. Wrap it so it can't be seen before being unwrapped. For those wrapping challenged, a taped shut grocery sack works!

Sign up and come on out this December and Dirty Santa Up the OKGG LAN!

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