December's Dirty Santa LAN Sign-Up is OPEN!

It's already almost that time. Dust of you re-gifts or pick up a gift to give and sign-up the the ever awesome Dirty Santa LAN on December 17, 2016.

If you don't already know the rules, it's simple. Bring a gift, get a ticket to draw for a gift, or steal one from someone else, who then gets to draw again or steal one from someone, and so on, until all the gifts are gone. Once a gift is taken by the third person it's automatically locked out and can't be stolen.

You can bring any gift and it does not have to be new, as long as it is clean, so you can re-gift that gift you got last year and never opened or used, or some awesome computer hardware, a gift card, or something hilarious. Wrap it so it can't be seen before being unwrapped. For those wrapping challenged, a taped shut grocery sack works!

Sign up and come on out this December and Dirty Santa Up the OKGG LAN!

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  This Saturday, Nov 19, 2016 OKGG LAN

Looks like it's going to be SuperLAN this weekend. We have 18 gamers signed up and confirmed this month so far, which is pretty much a full house. Our capacity in the main room is 18 gamers, and there is some overflow for up to 3 or 4 more. So be sure to arrive early to get a good seat, we start at 10am.

The notorious Airforce dude aka: Vince Vaughn is signed up and SHOULD be at the LAN, but since his flight is from the United Arab Emirates to OKC, and it's a 27 hour trip with a "Fall Back" of 14 hours, he might have a bit of jet lag. He said he is due back on Thursday or Friday if all goes well, so he should be in the air soon!

Everyone get ready for a big LAN!!!! See you Saturday.

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  November 19, 2016 LAN

Sign-up is filling up fast but there are still some seats left for the November LAN party.

I just got an email from Vince, who is deployed to Syria right now, but he hopes to make the November LAN. He said he should get back on the 17th or 18th so it's still not a sure thing, but I wanted to let his friends know the word.

Battlefield 1 is sure to get some heavy game play this month, and it looks like Overwatch is second place with Rocket League in a close 3rd place.

I for one am really looking forward to some BF1 games. See everyone there and thanks for the great sign up!

Oh, Brules...Go Singler ! ! ! ! ! Lol.

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  Registration is Open for OctoberLAN!

October 15, 2016 is the next OKGG LAN party. Sign up and come out, and bring your favorite brand of Octoberfest beer (not a requirement of course) if you like that sort of thing, we can share them and see who brings the best Wink

If you can help with set-up and tear down, it is greatly appreciated by the small, tired staff!

See you there, as usual, 10am to midnight.

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  Sept Lan is Lacking Gamers.

Sign up folks, we need more gamers for September. 2 days to go...

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