November 18, 2017 OKGG Lan Party Signup is open.

As of 1am, Oct. 21, There is still space for the October LAN some come on out.

Sign-up is now open for the November 18, 2017 LAN Party, so get your sign-up in motion.

Then you can go eat Turkey the next week!

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  Last Call for October 21, 2017 LAN

We only have 7 signed up this month, and there are some great games being played right now including Quake Champions and Project Cars 2. The venue costs $100 and without 10 gamers coming that means a shortfall.

What I am saying, is, it's 3 days before the LAN and we need more players. If you have not signed up we need you to do so ASAP! Thanks in advance, oh, and bring a friend!

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  October 21, 2017 LAN Sign-Up Is Open

Sign-up now and bring that steering wheel for some Project Cars 2. It should be out for this LAN!

Of course there will also be plenty of Quake Champions, some Titan Fall 2, and several other games played.

Sign-up now, avoid the Halloween rush!

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  OKGG September 2017 LAN Party Signup is Open

Tomorrow is the August LAN, and there are still a few open seats if you want to join us.

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by, but it's almost time for our September LAN, which will be held on 9/16/2017. So sign-up and fill it up. Signing up early lets other gamers know that there will be a good LAN to come to, so do it today!

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  Just over a week to go, August 19, 2017 LAN Sign-Up Is Open

If you've never come to a LAN or it's been awhile, do it this month! We welcome new gamers.

Sign-up today and we'll see you in a week.

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