It's BACK! The OKGG LAN Party! October 17, 2020

Sign-up is LIMITED to 9 Gamers and Open Now!

We hope to stay open for October, November and December with everyone's cooperation.

NOTICE: One gamer per table, 6' social distancing, wash or sanitize your hands upon entering and occasionally throughout the day. If you have a cough or sneezing, have run a fever or been sick,in the past two weeks, or are known to have COVID-19, please notify the staff immediately so we can cancel your reservation. Also if you have allergies and are prone to coughing or sneezing, you may be required to wear a paper mask to protect others. We appreciate your cooperation!

We will open at 12:30PM and game until 11:30PM. Price is $15. Please bring a chair and a cooler for drinks and do not use the facility kitchen or fridge. We will see you there!!!!

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  Online Gaming on LAN Day August 15, 2020

Is anyone planning on gaming on our usual lan day today? We are not doing the in person lan but we will be gaming together online this afternoon and evening.

We will be jumping on discord around 12:30pm and gaming throughout the day. Come join us.

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  LAN - no. WAN - you bet!

OK, the sad news, after only one month back, is that due to rising COVID-19 statistics, and to protect the gamers and their families, we are NOT hosting a LAN party on July 18, 2020.

Instead we will switch to a WAN Party using our discord server for voice chat. It is a FREE WAN Party, so come join us from 12:30pm to ??? July 18, 2020.

We will continue to monitor COVID-19 stats and when it is more appropriate to return to the LAN, rest assured we will be there!

See you online!

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  MASKS REQUIRED as well as last month LAN rules.

NOTICE: Masks will be required at the July 18, 2020 LAN Party. Sorry guys but we have to be sure we are doing everything we can to prevent someone getting COVID-19. I now have dozens of clients and friends who have got the virus and it's NOT fun to have it. So be sure to bring and WEAR a mask inside the LAN (N95 recommended if you are vulnerable.) Last month's rules also apply but we will be opening at 12:30pm and quitting at 11:30pm for teardown and cleaning.

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  July 18, 2020 OKGG LAN Party

June was an awesome Back to the LAN Party event. We had an amazing bunch of rounds with Quake Champions and Goat of Duty, plus Flat-Out and a few others. Thanks to everyone who did their part Social Distancing and hanging out to clean after the LAN.

Also special thanks to those who brought cleaning and hand sanitizer supplies and to technerd for bringing bottled water, soft drinks and even beer to share! Awesome group! We even let technerd watch the Tulsa Trump Rally Live! Smile

So there is absolutely no reason not to do it again next month. 9 player limit.

New times and rules. Before you register, please be aware that your registration confirms that you have fully read and agree to these rules. Anyone found violating any of these rules will be asked to leave. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST PAY AT THE DOOR BEFORE SETUP - BRING CASH. DO NOT carry your computer equipment in until you have been checked in. ONLY 8 GAMERS Will Be Admitted!!!

Due to a lesser group attending we are temporarily raising the cost to $15 per person. If you can contribute an additional $5 to help with cleaning chemicals and other needs it is greatly appreciated. No LAN fees are used for anything other than LAN Party expenses.

COVID-19 has been hard on everyone, and unfortunately there is still no vaccine and no proven treatment or cure. So, for the foreseeable future, our LAN party will adhere to stricter rules listed below and operate in a reduced attendance maximum and shorter hours. If anyone can spare some hand sanitizer to leave at the lobby counter or some Lysol spray, it would be appreciated.

The LAN will start at 12:30 pm with setup of tables and LAN equipment. You should eat before you come to the LAN so we reduce the need to monitor those who come and go.

All attendees must have their temperature checked, wash their hands and answer the following questions upon entry: Do you currently have any reason to believe that you might have been exposed to the virus in the last 14 days? Have you felt ill, or experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days? Do you agree to wash your hands upon entry and not set up equipment until you are cleared to do so by staff?

Each gamer will be assigned a full 6’ table where they will setup at the point furthest from another gamer.

No one may go into any office or use the refrigerator, kitchen, lobby, or common areas outside of the Gaming Area and Restrooms ONLY. Men should ONLY use the Men’s restroom, Women in attendance should only use the Women’s restroom.

BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR and BRING YOUR OWN COOLER for drinks. NO EXCEPTIONS. Folding chairs are acceptable. Please do not share any snacks or food (Sorry ViperX).

No horse play, or unnecessary handling of surfaces or areas away from your table.

ALWAYS PRACTICE 6 ft Social Distancing at all times.

If you cough or sneeze be certain to only do so by blocking your face with your shirt or elbow to avoid exposing other gamers to it. If you are experiencing allergies you may need to wear a mask.

It is everyone’s responsibility to safeguard the health of other gamers.

DINNER: We may order pizza for the group, or you may go to any restaurant you choose, as long as you wash your hands upon return, and properly dispose of all trash including drink containers at the time of departure.

Gaming will end at 11:30 pm in order to allow for a thorough cleaning to protect the venue owners and their employees. Anyone who can help is appreciated. We will be spray fogging the room and wiping down surfaces and vacuuming. Goahed is bringing a spray fogger and cleaning chemical.

Signing up for this LAN, and all LANs after this date, until a vaccine or cure has been found, will have these same rules. Remember, signing up means you agree to these rules and practices. We will someday be able to go back to normal, hopefully sooner that later, but until then, we can still get together and have fun safely!


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