July 17, 2021 LAN Sign-up Is Open

Our June LAN is tomorrow with some seats still open, so come on out!

You can sign-up for our July LAN right now.

If there are any games we need to consider for addition to the vote, PM Goahed.

See you there.

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  June 19, 2021 LAN Party

Yes, we are back! May was a great LAN with a delayed Dirty Santa included. Now we can get back to gaming as usual.

Sign-up is open. join us.

We will be at the facility at 11:00 to setup and drop off our computers, some may stay but around 11:30 to 12 we will be heading out to eat lunch. If you want to o lunch with a group, just be there by then.

See you there!

Also welcome Problematiq who joined us for the first time in May 2021!

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  A Real Live LAN Event! May 15, 2021

The Dirty Santa Make-up LAN (Please don't wear Santa Make-up) is tentatively planned as our re-opening monthly LAN event on May 15, 2021. We expect this to be a return to monthly in person events, FINALLY! Kurt already confirmed the venue is good to go. We will start at 12:30pm and game until 11:30pm. $15 entry.

I have NOT opened sign-up for a reason. Here is the list I hope will attend. If you are coming to the LAN, just confirm it.

1 Goahed Makemyda
2 Bobacus
3 technerd
4 Bladedancer314
5 VinceVaughn
6 Genetic Weapon
7 ViperX
8 dak2424dak
9 Swanha

After those are confirmed I'll add them to the signup manually.


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  Saturday 12/19/2020 WAN Party Is Starting

Jump on discord and join us for online gaming coordinated with the www.OKGG.org discord!

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  Bad news...again.

One of our gamers already has COVID-19, and three others besides him have voted to not have the LAN and don't plan to attend, so it looks like the Dirty Santa LAN will be postponed.

We WILL do the Dirty Santa LAN at the next in person LAN we host in 2021. Right now that looks like we are going to wait for the vaccine to get a foothold.

We will have an online gaming party this Saturday. Join Discord on LAN Party Room for voice communication and let's play some games! Last month there was a good group playing especially from 7pm to midnight. Join the OKGG online this Saturday.

Hang on to your Dirty Santa gifts. We will do that soon!

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