August 18, 2018 OKGG LAN Party Sign-Up is Open

We had a great LAN in July! Thanks for all who attended. Sign-up is now open for the August LAN. Get on over there and sign yourself up!

If you haven't been in awhile or have never attended, come join us, it's only $10 for all new gamers and free just to come check us out. See you there!

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  Yea! It's Sign-up Time for The July 21, 2018 LAN

If your new to the OKGG and never had the honor and privileged of saying you got to kick some butt here, well here's your chance!

Sign-up today! But wait, there is more.

By signing up you'll subject yourself to having fun, taunting and being taunted by other gamers, laughing out loud, potentially cussing out loud! Heck, we'll even give you a free OKGG sticker to proudly, or not, slap on the side of your computer, car, or other piece of expensive metal.

If you have been here before, then you know the drill, why haven't you stopped reading this crap and signed up yet?

So, without further adieu, SIGN-UP!

We'll see you in July.

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  June 16, 2018 OKGG LAN Party Sign-up

Sign-up is open for the June 16, 2018 OKGG LAN Party.

We welcome old friends and new gamers to come to the LAN and be a part of the fun.

Sign-up today! See you there.

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  May 19, 2018 OKGG LAN Party

Sign-up is open for the May 19, 2018 LAN Party!

After several years at the Oklahoma City LAN Party, starting in 1997, and now 15 years of the Oklahoma Gamers Group, we are still going strong. Not as many gamers in attendance as back in the day, but we are always looking for new people to join us every month.

Bring a friend who has never been and their first month is half price in May, just $5. Also invite gamers who have not come in awhile!

Get over to the www.OKGG.org sign-up page and sign-up now.

Show your support by signing up early!

See you there!

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  Thanks to Bobacus!

Thanks to Bobacus the old signup Captcha that was broken has a brand new shiny replacement and signup is now working again.

I have good info that two people we have been asking to come.e roto the lan will likely make their first appearance this Saturday and probably two gamers who haven't been in quite awhile!

Round up some friends, signup, and come join us this Saturday for the OKGG 15th Anniversary LAN! See you there!

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