November 17, 2018 LAN Sign-up is Open

We've already got 8 gamers signed up for the next www.OKGG.org LAN Party. Come join the fun on the 17th of November. Sign-up today!

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  OKGG Forums

FYI, the OKGG Forums used to be the way our gamers communicated online, but times have changed and most people don't use forums much anymore. While there is a random post here every now and then, for the most part, all conversations have moved to our new Discord Server. Follow the Discord link on the upper menus to get on this server. See you there!

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  October 20, 2018 LAN Sign-Up Is Open

Good times were had yet again last month, if you missed it, then be sure you don't miss anymore LANs!

I added Battlefield V as a game vote option for this month, and I plan to buy it. If you know of another game that we need to add, PM me.

Bring a friend and come on out for the October www.OKGG.org LAN Party! See you there.

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  September 15 2018 OKGG LAN Sign-up Is Open

You've seen it, you may have even done it before, so go do it now.

Click the sign-up link above and get to it.

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  August 18, 2018 OKGG LAN Party Sign-Up is Open

We had a great LAN in July! Thanks for all who attended. Sign-up is now open for the August LAN. Get on over there and sign yourself up!

If you haven't been in awhile or have never attended, come join us, it's only $10 for all new gamers and free just to come check us out. See you there!

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