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*** 2 Suns in the Sky?! ***  Reply with quote  

Now I am not sure if any of you guys follow this like I have been doing since 2014 but I figured it's time to put it out there just in case. It seems certain things are going kind of crazy right now in the world as if all world governments are all starting to get all ence about one another as if something big is about to happen and each is trying to watch it's back:






Now here is a good one to watch if you know nothing about all of this:


One of the most crazy things that just happened is the CURRENT US chief of staff of the Army just made this speech to a graduating military officers:


If that sparks your interest, then just start researching tesla and einstein's work on teleportation and how matter works. From there it goes into UFO stuff and the work down in the antarctic during WWII with the Nazis and US and how it relates to all of this. Then you look at what's going on today with CERN and Hadron collider. This supposedly just happened a couple weeks ago:


I will let you guys do your own research on Nibiru and make your own conclusions. There's been a ton of information coming out these last few months and now just a few days ago nasa "confirmed" nibiru exist but they did it on their own terms with a little disinformation so not to cause any panic.

crazy times....

PS. there have been photos from Texas supposedly showing 2 suns back in April..but I really want to see it for myself before I completely drink the koolaid.

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If they had better lenses they could pick up the other 5 extra suns

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