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Goahed Makemyda
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Latest Forum Rule: Read It and Follow It!  Reply with quote  

In the past the forums have been a great place to post points of interest, funny stuff, technical information, and to joke around with each other. Most of the time everyone understands that they will be harassed and razzed by other gamers here, and most of the time it is taken in stride with no feelings hurt.

However, lately there has been some obnoxious behavior in the forums, which reflects negatively on LAN attendance. This will no longer be tolerated! ESPECIALLY for newcomers to the forums.

The purpose of the forums is and has always been to support the LAN Party. The LAN Party is something we love to do, and we try really hard to keep existing gamers coming, and bring new gamers to the LAN. They usually become our friends as well. The LAN is a social event as much as it is a gaming event, maybe even more so. However it's hard to bring in new blood when people act like asses to new forum members.

We have all made some great friends at the LAN, and I for one would like to keep doing so, and to keep the LAN running. But it requires at least 10 people to form a good LAN and 20 is way better. So with all that said, we are implementing a new rule for the forums. If any of these is a restatements of existing rules, so be it.

There will be NO FLAMING of new users on the forums. ESPECIALLY people asking about coming to the LAN Party. Anyone who does so will get ONE warning before being BANNED from the forums. The forums are about SUPPORTING the LAN. People who are new to the forums and have never come to a LAN base their opinion on what they see here, which IS a MISTAKE! But it's also a reality, so don't harass them until they actually get to know you in person and understand that we are just kidding and messing with each other!

Newcomers, please be aware that our LAN is like a big dysfunctional, but fun dysfunctional group of gaming enthusiasts. The only way to find out what our gamers are like is to be here in person. It is a great LAN! We all have a lot of fun, so no matter what you may read in the forums, the LAN is a great place to make friends and have a full day of head to head gaming. Please don't base your opinion of us on the forums, 90+% of the forum users NEVER come to the LAN.

So have fun, enjoy the forums, but be nice and encourage people you know and people you meet here to actually attend the LAN so we can keep it going for years to come.

Thank you!
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