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Need Help: Home Network  Reply with quote  

I know just enough about networking to be dangerous, this question ventures into an area I am unfamiliar with. I want to run two separate networks, a traditional (trusted) network for the computers, laptops, printers etc. And then another isolated network for all these plug in “Internet of Things” devices.

Ultimate Goal: If a SmartThings device, or a Phillips Hue light, Apple TV, or Arlo camera has a security hole, the hackers only get access to that stuff, NOT my computers, laptops, etc. If these extra things were all wireless I would just set them up on my “Guest” wireless network, however all of these (IoT hub) devices are wired devices. So currently they are just another IP address on my (single) network, right alongside my computers etc.

My Linksys router has a “VLAN” feature, but after an hour of reading forum posts what I have learned is that it isn’t really a configurable VLAN, it’s just something they added for specific devices that some ISP’s require (VOIP phones, etc.). So I think (as far as I can tell) I am unable to do this with my current hardware.

Have any of you already solved this problem? Have some suggestions as where I should look next?
I really like the Linksys EA9500 wireless router, however I suspect the solution is going to involve purchasing new and/or additional networking equipment.
• Maybe I could keep the wireless router but a new managed switch?
• Or a new (non wireless) managed router, and plug my existing wireless into that (with the DNS turned off)?
• A second EA9500 wireless router (can you connect two routers to cox modem)?
• Or eBay all of my current equipment (yikes) and replace everything?
• Or give me a really good argument to convince me this all isn’t worth the trouble.


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Goahed Makemyda
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To run two routers, you will need two IP's for your network, and if it is Cox Home or AT&T Home Services that is likely not happening. You could do it if you pay for Cox Home Based Business services. Then a switch goes between the modem and the two routers and you set up the networks separately as you please on the two separate IPs.

The other option is to use equipment that supports VLAN. This requires a network switch and router that allow the vlan connections. You will then dedicate some switch ports to one VLAN and some to the other. If you use wifi on both networks, you will need two Access Points, one for each VLAN but then you would need two APs if you did two separate networks too.

I use Ubiquity for our solutions in the mid to low end networks. We sell that equipment and have a team that can set-up the solution if you choose not to do it yourself. Just call Technology Unlimited at 405-773-6037. Hope this helps. Best of luck.
Technology Unlimited * www.techunl.net * (405) 773-6037 * goahed@techunl.net

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Dual Xeon's Pwn j0o!

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Not sure if anyone is interested, but since I asked the question here I thought I would post what I did to accomplish this.

The answer came from this https://www.linksys.com/se/support-article?articleNum=132275 I setup a "LAN to WAN Cascading Network". I even had another router sitting on the shelf, so while this took some time to setup it didn't cost anything.

The short version, 1st router (trusted network) set to use, 2nd router (guest network) set to use Cable connecting the two routers, one end into any ethernet port on the 1st router the other end into the special/yellow internet port on the 2nd router.

Any device connected to 2nd router gets an IP like and those devices can not see anything in the range.

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